2013-09-16 10:04 PDT

A 63 year old man is now safe and warm at home healing with a cast on, thanks to the swift rescue of RCMP Helicopter Air 3 and its’ pilot.

Dease Lake RCMP received a call for assistance on September 14th, 2013 at 4pm from the BC Ambulance Service. Members were asked to secure a landing site for an Air ambulance helicopter which was enroute to assist with extracting a male with a broken leg.

The hunter had injured his leg while out in the rural terrain and was at least a 3 hour hike away from the nearest road. His hunting partner, a 29 year old male, had already hiked out in order to call for assistance. Dease Lake RCMP, Cst. Andrew CURTIS, attended to the area and was advised that the Air Ambulance was unable to land in the area due to the rugged terrain, altitude and weight restrictions of the passengers.

Photo of RCMP Helicopter Air 3RCMP helicopter Air 3 from Kelowna, flown by Greg BURGESS, was in the area and able to assist with the rescue. Although it was close to dark, Air 3 attended to the scene, transported Cst. CURTIS and the 29 year old hunting partner back to the injured hunter’s location. Once all involved were on board the injured male was transported to the Stikine Health Center in Dease Lake for medical assistance.

The injured hunter was a very tough, experienced and prepared individual stated Cst. CURTIS He had already made crutches and was ready to stay overnight, even though he had a broken leg. This rescue was unusual as the injured party was so prepared, and because Air 3 was in Dease Lake and available to get him to safety.

We were fortunate to have other emergency resources, such as an RCMP Helicopter, in the area. Stated Cst. Lesley Smith, North District Media relations Officer The injured male would still be stranded and in considerable pain for hours had it not been for the assistance of the RCMP Helicopter, pilot Greg BURGESS and Cst. Andrew Curtis. This is a prime example of how dedicated our members are at ensuring public safety and going the extra distance to help those in need.

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